PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi Received National Defense Industry Certification

After successfully proving the success of PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi as a virtual reality technology company in the defense industry, it gains the full trust from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense regarding the independence of the Indonesian defense industry with the mastery of technology owned by PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi to provide Indonesia with high competitiveness. On the 21st of December 2020, PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi has received the National Defense Industry certification in the field of Virtual Training and Simulation from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense.
Indonesian MoD Director of Technology and Defense Industry First Admiral, TNI Sri Yanto, S.T., presented the National Defense Industry Certificate to The Commissioner of PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi, Mr. Deni Darodjat Muslim.
Officials from the Ministry of Defense visited PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi and saw first hand the Virtual Training Suite Technology developed 100% in house by the PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi.
National Defense Industry Certification
PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi Received National Defence Industry Certification in The Field of Virtual Training and Simulation.