VTS (Virtual Training Suite) multifunction platform is the advance technology and ideal solution for innovative training experience,  immersion leading to higher engagement.
VTS (Virtual Training Suite) is a multifunction platform education for training with benefit:

  • Innovative Training
  • Accelerated & Effective Learning
  • Immersive & Realistic Experience
  • Optimalization Learning
  • Focus & Free Distraction
  • Improve Retention & Recall
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VTS multifunction platform which integrate application:

Desktop Platform

VR Platform

Android Platform


VTS Desktop is a desktop base platform with functions:

  • Privileges Account System
  • User Verification System 
  • Broadcast System
  • 3D Object Component View System
  • Multimedia Learning Content System
  • Content Management System
  • Computer Base Test System
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Training Dashboard is an internal website that can only be accessed by trainer
to manage:

  • Content
  • Quiz
  • Exam
  • User

Trainer Dashboard feature:

  • Instructure
  • Add/Delete User
  • Active/Not Active User

Editing Learning Content

  • Title, Description, Image

Quiz & Exam

  • New, Delete, Edit Question


Simulation Operational Procedural App prescribing the sequence of actions for trainee to complete each segment of the training scenario.

  • Procedural learning in a point-and-click process
  • Step-by-step guidance by virtual instructor in practice mode
  • Time and scoring in
  • Narrative-driven courseware with graphical layout
  • Self-directed learning with motivational game elements
  • PDF Generatable Report
virtual training suite

VTS VR is 3D Realistic Environment with simulated experience for immersive training purposes, improving learning retention and Active experience rather than just passive information provided with data analytic. We customized content training development using state of the art 3D realistic environment.

  • Interactive VR Content
  • 3D Environment Learning Content
  • Free Play Training
  • Grab, Remove & Install 3D Object

VTS Android Platform provides portable learning on a tablet. Lessons are presented virtually so that they are more effective in changing the old learning methods and easy to use in everywhere. VTS Android is a android base platform with functions:

  • Mobile Classroom
  • User Verification System
  • 3D Object Component View System
  • Multimedia Learning Content System
  • Computer Base Test System
virtual training suite