Shooting Simulator

Shooting Simulator Training System improving the personnel weapon handling skills of security forces and law enforcement. Personnel working in combat and conflict areas under realistic scenarios significantly contributes to the operation’s successful conclusion by preventing the losses that would occur during the operation. These trainings are not only a preparation for scenarios that can be undertaken against enemy elements, but also for risks such as friendly fire, civilian loss in residential areas, etc.

Shooting Simulator Training System offers substantial training capabilities such as basic marksmanship training, and interactive training with different realistic video scenarios. 


Designed to provide basic shooting training in the classroom, the Shooting Simulator is equipped with the necessary architecture to enable shooters to develop basic shooting skills and fulfill their tactical tasks

Shooting Simulator Training System which can enable security forces and law enforcement forces to gain experience using weapons in a risk-free training environment with realistic training scenarios.

Offering a realistic sense of shooting, Shooting Simulator Training System is a cost-effective solution that allows users to receive training in a repeatable and safe environment-saving ammunition and time.


  1. Gunners can be trained in groups with realistic interactive scenarios,
  2. Has various functions such as Basic Training, Interactive Video Tutorials, and Virtual Combat Trainer.


  1. Recoil kits (Electric or gas-operated),
  2. Laser kits (IR or visible), Projector and Imaging System,
  3. Instructor’s Station,
  4. Tactical Environment Simulation,
  5. Image Generator, and
  6. Tactical Environment Simulation are primary components of the system.