Virtual Parachute Simulator

Virtual Parachute Simulator, which enables parachute training personnel to perform jump procedures and emergency methods in a simulated environment before jumping from a real aircraft and maximizes the success rate of the mission. This feature can display an emergency condition when parachuting; if there is a problem it can be identified in this Virtual Parachute Training.

In addition, Virtual Parachute Training can control weather conditions. Such as morning and evening, wind speed, and direction. This system has a High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) parachute that can  be opened to an altitude of 1,500 Feet and a High Altitude High Opening (HAHO) parachute that can be extended to a height of 1,500 Feet and closed at an altitude of 20,000 Feet.

Parachute Simulator is an advanced simulator that developed by applying its experience in simulation, and software. Offering the closet experience to real action.


  1. Record/replay the jump,
  2. Detailed reporting after the jump,
  3. Realistic terrain visuals,
  4. Instructor station,
  5. Modular structure,
  6. Self test: and
  7. Multi language support.


  1. Wind, rain, and snow simulation,
  2. Day, and night jump simulation,
  3. Support equipment simulation,
  4. Jump point symbology simulations,
  5. Emergency, and malfunction entry before or during the flight,
  6. Ability to perform HAHO, and HALO jumps up to 30,000 feet,
  7. Realistic aerodynamic mathematical parachute models: and
  8. 3D modeled parachute failures.

Technical Specifications

  1. Training support with static and tactical parachutes,
  2. Individual and team training,
  3. Free fall and maneuvering training,
  4. Emergency and malfunction training,
  5. Training opportunity in a safe and controlled environment,
  6. Maximizing security awareness of staff,
  7. Continuous follow-up and evaluation of the staff participating in the training, making the analysis more effective,
  8. Elimination of practical training deficiencies: and
  9. Training opportunities against changing conditions and new situations.