Jenius AR is a platform developed by PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi to improve the quality of education and make students love the teaching and learning process. JENIUSAR can provide Learning Optimization and is very effective for helping teachers in the teaching and learning process. The use of Augmented Reality with the power of visualization can make it easier for students to understand even the most difficult and very effective learning modules for teachers to provide lessons. JENIUSAR with Augmented Reality technology will engage students. AR technology is the most exciting concept for kids, why not use it for good?

AR Application

Convert 2D books into 3D and keep people engaged by incorporating interactivities. Give an access to AR content by downloading the JeniusAR app on smartphones/tablets and scanning the marker on the books.


JeniusAR implementation with a learning approach about everyday life. AR content is presented in the form of 3D models, 3D animation, and sound.

More detail, please visit JeniusVR