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MOU of PT Falah Industrial Cooperation Program for Vocational High Schools

MOU Agreement Between Falah Inovasi Teknologi and Public and Private Vocational High Schools


Falah Innovation Technology as a market leader, realizes the collaboration between Industry and Educational Institutions is essential to improve the quality of human resources in facing future challenges.

The collaboration between Falah Innovation Technology and Public also Private Vocational High Schools with the theme “Generasi Berkarya Membangun Bangsa” aims to find superior seeds in the fields of Visual Communication Design (DKV) and Software Engineering (RPL), involving students and educators from various Vocational High Schools (VHS) both public and private that can support Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology products. The PRAKERIN program is to link and match the needs of the Industry and the curriculum of Educational Institutions is expected to produce qualified and skilled human resources following the needs of the Industry.

Falah Innovation Technology is also interested in entering into a cooperation agreement with Six (6) Public and Private Vocational High Schools to make this happen, Cyber Media Jakarta Vocational School, State Vocational School 10 Jakarta, State Vocational School 24 Jakarta, Islamic Vocational School PB Sudirman 2, Sahid Vocational School Jakarta, and Sumbangsih Multimedia Vocational School.

The scope of the cooperation agreement between Falah Innovation Technology for Public and Private Vocational High Schools are the followings:

  1. Industrial class development program,
  2. Industrial work practices for Vocational High School students,
  3. Industrial apprenticeship for Vocational High School teachers,
  4. Certification: and
  5. Recruitment of work from on the Job training participants when it ends according to company needs.

With the hope of the agreement, Falah Innovation Technology can contribute to building works that are in accordance with the needs of the Industry.

Coordination meeting of Defense and Security Equipment Tools for policy, users, and producers in the field of the 2021 fiscal year.

On June 8, 2021, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi, participated in the Coordination Meeting for Policy, Users, and Producers in the Defense and Security Sector, which was held by the Directorate General of Pothan Kemhan. In order to synchronize and synergize the three pillars of the Defense Industry, which is the Government, Users and the Defense Industry, it was held in the Bali Cendrawasih Room, the Jakarta Convention Center, Central Jakarta, led by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. M Herindra. This coordination meeting was attended by 187 participants. The participants are Ministries and Agencies (MoF, ministry of state-owned enterprises, Ministry of Investment Coordinating Board, Ministry of Industry, KKIP Team), TNI Headquarters, Forces, POLRI, Bakamla, Pinhantanas and Defense Industries (state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises).

The theme of this coordination meeting is “Optimizing Indhan in Improving the Quality of Defense and Security Production to Realize National Indhan Independence”, the choice of this theme was in accordance with the government’s efforts to improve the quality of defense and security production. Furthermore, this theme has the meaning to synergize steps in optimizing the capabilities of the domestic Defense Industry to create the independence of the Defense Industry.

In his remarks, the Indonesian Deputy Minister of Defense conveyed several things, those are: with the issuance of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation, it was stated that state-owned enterprises (BUMN) and private-owned enterprises (BUMS) were designated as lead integrators of defense equipment. Thus, the enactment of the Job Creation Act means opening up wide opportunities for BUMS to demonstrate their capabilities in the field of defense equipment production. This is an improvement in the competitive climate of the Defense Industry in securing technology, human resources, and documents owned. In addition, synergy is needed that must be strengthened between the Government, Users and Defense Industry.

The moderator of this Coordination Meeting for Policy Determinants, Users, and Producers in the Defense and Security Sector of the 2021 fiscal year is Mr. Andi Wijajanto, Defense Observer and Indonesian Politician. Whilst, there are five speakers:

First, the Special Staff of the Minister of Defense for Institutional Cooperation ( Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces (Ret.) Dr. Bambang Eko, SH, MH), informs about providing opportunities for BUMS as lead integrators as a manifestation of the implementation of Law no. 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation and opportunities for foreign parties to invest in the Defense Industry.

Second, the Expert Staff for Priority Investment Development of the Investment Coordinating Board (Drs. Aries Indanarto) informs about the Implementation of Business Licensing through the risk-based OSS (Online Single Submission) System.

Third, the chief of the Technology Transfer and Offset Division of KKIP implementing team (DR. Ir. Yono Reksoprodjo, DIC) informs about Building 3rd tier and 4th tier (Upstream Industry) Industrial ecosystems and security in the framework of human resource infrastructure, Documents, and Technology.

Fourth, the Head of Sub-Directorate for the Railway, Aircraft and Defense Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry (Immanuel Tumpal Hamonangan Silitonga) informs about Optimizing the Development and Utilization of Upstream Industries in Supporting Defense and Security Products.

Fifth, the Head of Sub-Directorate for Withholding/Collection of PPh and Personal Income Tax Regulations (Heri Kuswanto, S.E., Ak., M.Sc.) delivered material on the Tax Aspects of the Defense Industry and Defense Equipment Procurement.

In the remarks of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia at the closing of the Coordination Meeting delivered by the Director General of the Ministry of Defense Pothan conveyed the Directive to be followed up by the three pillars of the Defense Industry:

  1. The government should always carry out guidance and supervision of the State-Owned Enterprises and Private-Owned Enterprises Defense Industry.
  2. Users, in this case the TNI and Polri, as well as ministries/institutions that are also users of Defense Industry products, should continue to increase the volume of use of domestic Defense Industry products so that the independence can be achieved.
  3. Defense Industry. By the issuance of the Job Creation Law provides opportunities for BUMS as lead integrators. Defense Industry needs to synergize and build ecosystems and optimize the upstream industry (use of domestic raw materials).

Indonesia Introduces Defense Industry Products to the UAE through IDEX 2021

Defense Industry Products IDEX 2021
Indonesia Introduces Defense Industry Products to the UAE through IDEX 2021

On 21st February until 25th February, 2021, Indonesia participated in the IDEX (International Defense Exhibition and Conference) exhibition in ADNEC, Abu Dhabi. The Indonesian delegation led by the Director General of Indonesia Defense Potential, Major General TNI Dadang Hendrayudha, brought the event organizer of Indo Defense 2022 and 12 (twelve) Indonesian defense industries to participate in this exhibition.

The defense industries that participated in this exhibition are PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PT. Pindad, PT. PAL Indonesia, PT. Len Industri, PT. Ridho Agung Mitra Abadi, PT. Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa, PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi, PT. Fazza Royal Yantasir Simulation, PT. Persada Aman Sentota, PT. Indo Pacific Communication & Defence, PT. SSE, and PT. Infoglobal Teknologi Semesta.

The main goal of this exhibition is to promote Indonesia’s defense industrial products in foreign markets, especially in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also a opportunity to build a network of partners abroad, especially the key technology partners who also attended the exhibition.

To enter the global supply change as partner in technology industry have a strategic paetnership plan with global companies in three dimension (land, sea, air). The five (5) state-owned companies that will be merged into DEFEND ID by the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises are PT. Dirgantara Indonesia, PT. Pindad, PT. PAL Indonesia, PT. Dahana and PT. Len Industri.

This aims to improve mastery of key competencies and to make the domestic defense industry independent. So that it has an impact on increasing sustainability and business scale, recurring income from the MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) business, to reducing dependence on imports of main products.

Through this exhibition, Indonesia which assisted by PT. Napindo Media Ashatama will also conduct socialization and promotion related to the implementation of Indo Defense 2022, a defense industry exhibition planned to be held in November 2022.

Indonesia’s participation in the IDEX exhibition is one of the efforts to foster the defense industry to have better technological capabilities, to become an independent, advanced and competitive industry. DEFEND ID has an ambitious target in the medium term to become the Top 50 companies in the defense industry in the world.

As well as setting a target score of TRL & MRL (Technology Readiness Levels & Manufacturing Readiness Level) at 8-8 and the Domestic Content Level (TKDN) above 50% for defense projects.

PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi took part in IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi

IDEX Abu Dhabi
PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi took part in IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi

Falah Inovasi Teknologi with fourteen others Indonesian defense industries joined International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) which was held from 21st February, 2021 until 25th February, 2021 in Abu Dhabi National Defence Exhibtion (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The participation of Indonesian defense industry companies in IDEX is one of the initial stages to be able to play an active role in the global supply chain related to defense products.

IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. It is a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.

The 15th edition of IDEX lies in that it was the first global defence event to take place in the post pandemic recovery stage, with 62,445 attendees at the venue across five days. 900 exhibitors, 59 countries, and 35 international pavilions participated in IDEX and NAVDEX 2021, alongside five countries participating in the exhibitions for the first time: Israel, North Macedonia, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Azerbaijan. IDEX and NAVDEX are held under the permission of the President of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ministry of Defense and Commander of the Armed Forces.

IDEX displays developments in the defense sector especially in military technology. PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi introduced various training device such as Virtual Training Suite, JeniusVR, JeniusAR, Smart Classroom, and Smart Campus. People from around the world tried our product and feel the immersive experience using it. Starting for

In IDEX 2021, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi introduced various training platform products. Such as JeniusVR, JeniusAR, Virtual Training Suite, Smart Classroom, Smart Campus. Meanwhile, PT Fazza Royal Yantasir introduced the F16 Simulator and Driving Simulator products.

And now, IDEX has contributed to the development of the defense industry both local and international industries.

IDEX Abu Dhabi
PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi took part in IDEX 2021, Abu Dhabi

PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi Received National Defense Industry Certification

After successfully proving the success of PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi as a virtual reality technology company in the defense industry, it gains the full trust from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense regarding the independence of the Indonesian defense industry with the mastery of technology owned by PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi to provide Indonesia with high competitiveness. On the 21st of December 2020, PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi has received the National Defense Industry certification in the field of Virtual Training and Simulation from the Indonesian Ministry of Defense.
Indonesian MoD Director of Technology and Defense Industry First Admiral, TNI Sri Yanto, S.T., presented the National Defense Industry Certificate to The Commissioner of PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi, Mr. Deni Darodjat Muslim.
Officials from the Ministry of Defense visited PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi and saw first hand the Virtual Training Suite Technology developed 100% in house by the PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi.
National Defense Industry Certification
PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi Received National Defence Industry Certification in The Field of Virtual Training and Simulation.

Falah Kita Bisa Outbound Training 2020

“Together Everyone Achieves More” = TEAM with tag line FALAH KITA BISA. PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi hold an Outbound Training  action and activity based behavioral  training  intervention for employee development based on experiential learning methodology of “learning by doing”, “hands-on experience” and includes outdoor, adventure, team building activities that engage participants to tighter emotional bond will be formed between the participants, who are employees of a company. Almost all outbound activities are carried out in 4 group. And at the end of the activity, to complete the final challenge, all personnel must work together, each group must unite, teamwork is needed.


With the creation of a spirit of cooperation and a shared feeling, solidarity will naturally emerge. Amazingly, outbound activities can also eliminate gaps that usually occur between old employees and new employees. Because, if the senior and junior levels are in the same team, like it or not, like it or not, they have to do activities together.

Another benefit, in the world of outbound activities, participants will be honed in their socialization skills. When joining a team, participants will join in collaboration with people who may have different personalities from themselves. This condition will make participants more appreciative of the differences around them.

With good interaction in the team, each member can get to know each other and build a relationship. This is of course useful in making decisions. Good team building is where leaders can form a team together to achieve predetermined goals.

Team building is the process of helping the team in creating continuity to achieve the goals (goals) made by the team. The team knows the process it must go through in order to come to an agreement in making decisions. The goal of this team building can be achieved if it is able to build a good team. The way to build this team building is by interacting among fellow team members.

The last task in the PT  Falah Inovasi Teknologi Outbound Training event is that the entire group team becomes one group which has one goal to light a fire on a candle that is placed at the end of the field. One team member will be given a burning candle while the other team members are in charge of protecting the team members who carry the candles. when the team heads towards the candle, they will face a water ballion balloon obstacle that will be thrown at the team which can turn off the candle. With a short time the entire team must be able to achieve the goal if the given time fails, the entire team must start over from the starting line.

In just 3 minutes, the entire PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi can achieve their common goal of light candles and flying the success ballon as a sign of achievement goals.

Closing word for the outbound training activities from the CEO Noviayana that nothing is impossible as long as we believe it, together we can do it, we will be stronger together. Falah one heart spirit and goals KITA BISA, let’s embrace 2021 with strong conviction FALAH KITA BISA”

Falah Inovasi Teknologi Annual Meeting 2020

Welcoming the turn of the year, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi will hold an annual meeting 2020. This annual routine activity of a company engaged to evaluate and prepare steps to be taken in 2021.

The event was held 3 Day on December 17-19, 2020, at The Bukit Villa Bukit Pinus, Pancawati, Bogor, West Java. In addition to evaluating and disseminating work plans from management to employees, this event is also an event to give appreciation to all employees for their performance in 2020.


In his remarks, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi Commissioner Deni Darodjat Muslim in the opening of the event conveyed the need to embracing agility to improve delivery, increase speed, and enhance customer and employee experience.

This is in line with the theme carried in this Annual Meeting, namely accelerate, innovating, and developing excellence performance management. Meanwhile, the tagline is “One Heart, Spirit, Goals”.

In fact, now PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi growth very fast in September 2018 just started with 10 employee staff, 1st year in 2019 with 15 official employee and 10 contract employee, 2nd year with 23 official employee  and 27 contract employee also already has ISO 9001 Certificate, Indonesian Industry of Defense Certificate, and become leader in Defence Industry for Virtual Reality Technology with VTS (Virtual Training Suite) multifunction platform with a virtual training environment that is flexible, versatile, support repetition, and is available at the point on need.

“In facing a challenging 2021 with full of opportunities, Falah Inovasi Teknologi is one of them is by doing various innovations. Therefore, various changes will be made by the company, especially in relation to the development of technology that supports work activities. We must innovate to anticipate expanding market share and the opportunity to grab more  project in 2021,” PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi CEO Noviayana said, Thursday (12/17).

To ensure formal mechanisms supported this agile mindset shift, Noviayana used structural changes on an individual and organizational level, aligning the people, customer, and business processes as well as the physical and digital working environments to an agile culture. PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System  to improve and accelerate operation performance management, project management, and customer relationship management to enhance customer and employee experience.

Continuous learning and improvement is a core principle of agile working that’s why this development must be continuously improved. She hopes that as the agile culture metrics improved—specifically the sense of belonging, motivation, purpose, and empowerment—employee engagement consistently increased. Similarly, several dimensions of team performance improved as the culture of credibility and clarity took hold while greater autonomy, a core principle of agile culture, allowed teams to take on their own challenges. In parallel, performance dialogues revealed that trust in tribe leads was a defining factor in employees’ engagement and their ability to share as ONE Heart, Spirit, Goals.

Falah Inovasi Teknologi in Edutech 2020

Edutech Exhibition Seminar 2020 | “Indonesian education in the era of digital technology” in the “Application of Technology VR, AR, and MR in Education” was delivered by Noviayana as CEO PT. Falah Inovasi Teknologi . Student engagement is a ‘hot’ topic in education, if we could only engage young people they would thrive!, Educational technology in the form of virtual reality is a familiar innovation to several parts of the world.

Falah Inovasi Teknologi in Edutech 2020 Application Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality in Education

The presence of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (ar), and mixed reality (mr) technology has provided new options with 3D environment, the immersive nature of VR (Virtual Reality) makes it one of the most powerful tools in a teacher’s palm as it can engage different senses for students giving them a more holistic learning experience. Imagine traveling and exploring places all over the world without even leaving the classroom, imagine experiencing different careers first hand The decade’s old tradition of students sitting in seats will change as with the different types of ‘Realities’ being developed students will need to be up and moving around interacting with their environment and increase student engagement on many new levels.

In addition to providing students with immersive learning experiences, other benefits of virtual reality in education include the ability to inspire students’ creativity and spark their imaginations. And this can motivate them to explore new academic interests. VR,AR and MR in education also helps students struggling to understand difficult academic concepts. For example, through AR, geometry students can check out 3D geometric forms from multiple perspectives; they can rotate a shape to see it from different angles and even view it from the inside. The benefits of virtual reality in education go beyond academics as well to include cultural competence, the ability to understand another person’s culture and values—an important skill in today’s interconnected, global society. For example, a virtual reality field trip to other parts of the world, whether it be Peru or China, exposes students to cultures other than their own.

Growing evidence suggests that VR and AR in education, as well as the combination of both technologies known as mixed reality, can improve student outcomes, too. For example, in a March 2019 report, EdTech cites a study showing that students in a mixed reality biology classroom received higher scores than other students. And AR and VR can help with memory retention and recall, as well—EdTech reports on a recent study that shows an increase in retention of almost 9 percent for students who learned in an immersive environment such as VR.