Falah Kita Bisa Outbound Training 2020

“Together Everyone Achieves More” = TEAM with tag line FALAH KITA BISA. PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi hold an Outbound Training  action and activity based behavioral  training  intervention for employee development based on experiential learning methodology of “learning by doing”, “hands-on experience” and includes outdoor, adventure, team building activities that engage participants to tighter emotional bond will be formed between the participants, who are employees of a company. Almost all outbound activities are carried out in 4 group. And at the end of the activity, to complete the final challenge, all personnel must work together, each group must unite, teamwork is needed.


With the creation of a spirit of cooperation and a shared feeling, solidarity will naturally emerge. Amazingly, outbound activities can also eliminate gaps that usually occur between old employees and new employees. Because, if the senior and junior levels are in the same team, like it or not, like it or not, they have to do activities together.

Another benefit, in the world of outbound activities, participants will be honed in their socialization skills. When joining a team, participants will join in collaboration with people who may have different personalities from themselves. This condition will make participants more appreciative of the differences around them.

With good interaction in the team, each member can get to know each other and build a relationship. This is of course useful in making decisions. Good team building is where leaders can form a team together to achieve predetermined goals.

Team building is the process of helping the team in creating continuity to achieve the goals (goals) made by the team. The team knows the process it must go through in order to come to an agreement in making decisions. The goal of this team building can be achieved if it is able to build a good team. The way to build this team building is by interacting among fellow team members.

The last task in the PT  Falah Inovasi Teknologi Outbound Training event is that the entire group team becomes one group which has one goal to light a fire on a candle that is placed at the end of the field. One team member will be given a burning candle while the other team members are in charge of protecting the team members who carry the candles. when the team heads towards the candle, they will face a water ballion balloon obstacle that will be thrown at the team which can turn off the candle. With a short time the entire team must be able to achieve the goal if the given time fails, the entire team must start over from the starting line.

In just 3 minutes, the entire PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi can achieve their common goal of light candles and flying the success ballon as a sign of achievement goals.

Closing word for the outbound training activities from the CEO Noviayana that nothing is impossible as long as we believe it, together we can do it, we will be stronger together. Falah one heart spirit and goals KITA BISA, let’s embrace 2021 with strong conviction FALAH KITA BISA”

Falah Inovasi Teknologi Annual Meeting 2020

Welcoming the turn of the year, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi will hold an annual meeting 2020. This annual routine activity of a company engaged to evaluate and prepare steps to be taken in 2021.

The event was held 3 Day on December 17-19, 2020, at The Bukit Villa Bukit Pinus, Pancawati, Bogor, West Java. In addition to evaluating and disseminating work plans from management to employees, this event is also an event to give appreciation to all employees for their performance in 2020.


In his remarks, PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi Commissioner Deni Darodjat Muslim in the opening of the event conveyed the need to embracing agility to improve delivery, increase speed, and enhance customer and employee experience.

This is in line with the theme carried in this Annual Meeting, namely accelerate, innovating, and developing excellence performance management. Meanwhile, the tagline is “One Heart, Spirit, Goals”.

In fact, now PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi growth very fast in September 2018 just started with 10 employee staff, 1st year in 2019 with 15 official employee and 10 contract employee, 2nd year with 23 official employee  and 27 contract employee also already has ISO 9001 Certificate, Indonesian Industry of Defense Certificate, and become leader in Defence Industry for Virtual Reality Technology with VTS (Virtual Training Suite) multifunction platform with a virtual training environment that is flexible, versatile, support repetition, and is available at the point on need.

“In facing a challenging 2021 with full of opportunities, Falah Inovasi Teknologi is one of them is by doing various innovations. Therefore, various changes will be made by the company, especially in relation to the development of technology that supports work activities. We must innovate to anticipate expanding market share and the opportunity to grab more  project in 2021,” PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi CEO Noviayana said, Thursday (12/17).

To ensure formal mechanisms supported this agile mindset shift, Noviayana used structural changes on an individual and organizational level, aligning the people, customer, and business processes as well as the physical and digital working environments to an agile culture. PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System  to improve and accelerate operation performance management, project management, and customer relationship management to enhance customer and employee experience.

Continuous learning and improvement is a core principle of agile working that’s why this development must be continuously improved. She hopes that as the agile culture metrics improved—specifically the sense of belonging, motivation, purpose, and empowerment—employee engagement consistently increased. Similarly, several dimensions of team performance improved as the culture of credibility and clarity took hold while greater autonomy, a core principle of agile culture, allowed teams to take on their own challenges. In parallel, performance dialogues revealed that trust in tribe leads was a defining factor in employees’ engagement and their ability to share as ONE Heart, Spirit, Goals.